SonicWALL Achieves Recommended List for Fifth Year

SonicWALL Achieves Recommended List for Fifth Year
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SonicWALL Achieves Recommended List for Fifth Year

Every year the number of cyber-attacks increases, and so every year NSS Labs tests next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) to determine how effective each is. For the fifth year in a row, SonicWALL, which is what we at Network Specialists use, has achieved the “Recommended’ rating. NSS Labs has the most comprehensive testing in the industry and SonicWALL was one of only six to receive a “Recommended” rating.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are one of the top targets for cybercriminals. 37% of SMBs have experienced a disruption of business due to security incidents. The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is now required by a legislation unanimously supported by Congress to develop resources for small businesses to reduce cybersecurity risks, something SonicWALL has done for more than 26 years.

Network Specialists chose SonicWALL because it is one of the most secure options available, and it provides exceptional safety when a user wants to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). SonicWALL has blocked 100% of evasions, stopped 98.8% of all exploit attacks, and also has a perfect score in stability and reliability.

According the NSS Labs 2018 findings, SonicWALL has:

  • One of the highest-rate and best-value NGFWs in the industry
  • A very low TCO of $4 per protected Mbps
  • One of the highest ratings in Security Effectiveness for real-world attacks
  • Complete effectiveness for resisting URL, FTP, HTTP, Telnet, and HTML evasions
  • 100% effective techniques for blocking evasions, including obfuscation and fragmentation techniques

It’s important to make sure your network and organization are prepared for an attack. Network Specialists has always been committed to providing the best services with high-quality tools and partnerships. We not only respond quickly when your system is breached, we protect it from being breached in the first place. We only use systems we trust, so you know what to expect when you come to Network Specialists: exceptional, thorough, proactive solutions.