IT: Getting Easier or More Complex?

IT: Getting Easier or More Complex?
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IT: Getting Easier or More Complex?

It seems hard to believe personal computers were only just entering the market in the 1970’s. The first Apple computer came out 41 years ago, and did not include either a display or a keyboard.  The internet was still in its infancy, with the World Wide Web not being created until 1990. Now there are desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones everywhere you look, and they are all connected.

To the average user, it may seem that this progression has made everything easier. After all, we no longer have to assemble our own computers after ordering them. Everything is available at the touch of screen, and so intuitive a toddler can figure out. However, just because the user is now more separated from the physical technology doesn’t mean the technology behind the scenes has decreased, in fact quite the opposite.

Information Technology (IT) has become a generic term as IT has evolved and now deals with more than ever. With increased connectivity has come increased risk of security breaches which must be anticipated and guarded against. Computers and programs are more powerful now than ever, which requires more processing power now than ever. Having enough bandwidth for your network is essential in today’s market as more businesses are moving to the Cloud.

What’s ahead for IT

Cloud-based companies are gaining popularity, and this trend is likely to become the new normal. People are doing much of their work from tablets and phones, so it’s important your IT can keep up to date on the latest security needs. For instant access, you have to ensure you have location-based servers for increased data transfer speeds. When everything is in the Cloud, you need to have backups with an IT company you can trust.

At Network Specialists, we were some of the first to venture into cloud-computing, so we know what we’re doing! Network Specialists was founded in 1996, and over the past 21 years we have seen how networking needs evolved. With our new data center, we are not only capable of keeping up with today’s needs; we are prepared for your future challenges as well.

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