Network Specialists Employee Spotlight – Ben Bizzle

Network Specialists Employee Spotlight – Ben Bizzle
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Network Specialists Employee Spotlight – Ben Bizzle

Meet our latest hire, Ben Bizzle! He is an Account Executive and has been with us since October. His job is to meet others and discover ways that he can help them grow their business and improve the quality of their networks, both technologically and personally. The best part of his job is that there’s always something new to learn. “There are plenty of unique problems to solve, which appeals to my curiosity,” he said. “Plus, I’ve always liked making new friends. This job gives me the freedom to pursue both!”

Born in small-town Dyersburg, TN, Ben is a proud veteran of the US Army and appreciates the chance to grow up in a small town. “I think growing up there offered me a chance to enjoy life in a simple way while giving me an appreciation for seeking out new adventures as I grew older and moved to several different places,” he said.

Ben is the father of two sons, Bailey, who is 14, and Caiden, who is 10. A self-professed nerd with a penchant for reading, Ben has been a comic book collector since he was 5. “I have about 6,000 of them at this point,” he said. “Please don’t call Hoarders!”

Speaking of books, Ben is currently reading Modern Romance by comedian Aziz Ansari. “It’s a look at how relationships and courtship have changed drastically in the last hundred years because of how much our choices have expanded due to technology,” he said. “He’s a very funny guy!”

Ben is currently located in our Chicago branch and he has told us that he’s looking forward to the impending winter. “This will be my first Chicago winter,” he said. “I hope I’ve prepared myself by getting thicker socks and catching up on Game of Thrones. I’ve heard winter is a challenging season, but I’m looking forward to it!”

We are very happy to have Ben aboard with us here at Network Specialists! If you’re looking to upgrade your business and ensure that your data is always secure, give us a call today at (314) 531-2840 or learn more about us online at .