5 Ways Frequent Backups Can Save Your Business and Make It Thrive

5 Ways Frequent Backups Can Save Your Business and Make It Thrive
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5 Ways Frequent Backups Can Save Your Business and Make It Thrive

Having a backup can save you in many various scenarios. A spare tire in your trunk can help you get back on the road faster if you have a flat tire, for instance. In our line of work, backups don’t just save time and money – they can also save your business.

Here are 5 big reasons why your business should back up your data often AND offsite.

Recover From Your Mistakes – People make mistakes all the time. Sometimes an employee may accidentally open an email containing a virus or delete an important file that was not saved and backed up. If you back up your data and system often, you don’t need to worry about making mistakes as much, and you can recover lost files and your system before the virus struck as well.

Less Stress During Tax Season – Having only one copy of anything is typically a huge business mistake, and taxes are no exception. Should you experience a disaster and you only have one copy of critical client information, you could be in quite a bit of trouble. The IRS and regulatory commissions will not care if you had a data disaster; all that matters to them is that you are not compliant, which is grounds for huge fines. Insuring that you have an offsite backup of this vital information can really save you should something go wrong.

Get the Edge Over Others – If a disaster happens in your area, you will be in a great position should your business be the first to get back on its feet. Backups can help you overcome disaster faster and can even help you serve customers from other similar businesses that are struggling with the disaster because they didn’t plan ahead for it.

Destroy Downtime – A 2007 study from the University of Texas showed that 43% of businesses that experience a major data loss NEVER reopen. In addition, a large percentage of these companies close their doors permanently within 2 years of the disaster, whether it’s manmade or natural. Backing up your data and having a solid backup and disaster recovery plan can help you keep your doors open and can shorten your downtime as well.

Eliminate Duplication – No one likes to redo tasks. Without backups, you put yourself and your employees in the position of needing to redo tasks and projects should a data loss or disaster occur. This wastes your time and money! Frequent offsite backups can easily eliminate any wasted time that would have been put toward redoing a task.

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